StillWaters Technologies is a safe place to talk about software.And that is where it all begins—with a discussion. Let's talk about your dream and start the process of taking you from idea to reality!

D3 Defined

D3 is the simple way to outline our process for Discovery, Development & Delivery of great custom software solutions.


We will identify the specifics of what — and why — we are building.


After a clear path has been determined, our team will develop the product or application in the most efficient way possible.


When we're done, you will have a powerful new tool and be ready to take it to market.

Are you ready for D3?

Are you looking to automate time-consuming business practices?1

Do you need a tool to run your business—instead of spending countless hours in Excel?3

2Are you a start-up looking for a development partner that can help you get to the next level?

4Do you need to expand your current in-house development team?

If you answered yes to any of these, then StillWaters Technologies is the answer you are looking for.

StillWaters Technologies is currently offering a complementary exclusive planning session to qualified applicants. Successful candidates will engage with our team of experts in a 4-hour discovery walkthrough. No strings attached—we just want to be a safe place to talk about your software project.

What We Will Cover:

01Current state of your idea or project

02Identification of the outcomes that will define success

03Clarification of the risks of the project

04Expected timeline and cost outline

How You Will Benefit


Creates a baseline project description document to facilitate decisions to execute the project.


Reduces project risk by clarifying the project scope, risks and desired outcomes before any technical development work begins.


Improves project estimating by identifying key process and usability elements.

To apply for your Discovery Walkthrough, please complete a brief questionnaire.