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What We Do

Stillwaters is a Software Development, Product Design & Development firm. We solve complex problems and build world class Technology.
Call on our multi-domain expertise to drive your digital transformation strategy.

We embraces a culture of constant innovation in software development, because the reality of business is that technology
can quickly cripple your business.



We stay on top of the latest technologies so that our customers don't have to. We live and breathe technology and love sharing and innovating with our customers.


Discovery is first and foremost in our process, we want to understand our customer's passion and focus before we start to build software.

Identifying your challenge

Most organizations are not operating as efficiently as they could, allowing business challenges and troubled software development projects to keep them from achieving goals.

We work with our clients through the entire life cycle of a project. From discovery, Innovation, strategy, design, and development through implementation. We specialize on business solutions that incorporate Innovation, Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, with an emphasis towards creating world class User Experiences.

We help businesses solve
problems by asking the right questions

How do we do this? Through mature discovery methodologies and design thinking, which identifies and reveals the true and essential needs that must be addressed by the business and its customer.

Our Approach

StillWaters Technologies focuses on relationships and providing dedicated teams for each project. This is done in an Agile environment by focusing on collaboration and invention while understanding your why? By doing this we are able to keep you involved during the entire development process.

Our Approch

The Difference

Agile Global Team + Disciplined Goal Setting = On-Track, On-Time, On-Budget

It All Starts With Why?

StillWaters Technologies project discovery approach focuses on your goals by first asking Why? By doing this, we have a greater understanding of our clients’ business needs and we can then tailor the solution to achieve the best possible outcome. Also, we understand the entrepreneurial point of view and the business implications of getting things right the first time. Being first to market is critical and can make or break an idea. We build software for our own businesses and know the best source formula for software development.

Our Services


We provide software innovation, design, coding and build processes. We do this while leveraging our highly developed Ideation, User Experience, Architecture, and Software Development methodologies and flexible agile teams. Our passion is closely collaborating with our clients, driving results that exceed expectations, and most importantly create innovative and consumer friendly solutions. StillWaters Technologies is comprised of a highly experienced global team with 15 years of working together across all vertical spaces.


Many of our clients approach us with outsourced software development projects that for a multitude of reasons did not achieve the desired outcome. Our ability to respond quickly through an agile development approach positions us to be uniquely able to jump into your troubled project and get it back on track. We analyze and discover what went, or is, going wrong, execute our proven methodologies reducing additional time and expenses while driving the project to a successful outcome. We are highly experienced in project rescue and have the knowhow to get your project back on track, and exceed expectations.


Some clients find they need to augment their own IT team with dedicated high-skilled engineers to respond to business objectives. StillWaters IT staffing augmentation solution is a “go ready” labor pool with no ramp up time. We provide the right talent and skill sets for the job you need done now. A U.S. based technical manager facilitates the relationship by personally participating in the knowledge transfer, as well as tracking and monitoring of day to day work and activity. Our unique approach decreases start-up time, improves knowledge transfer, protects intellectual properties and increases productivity and quality of work.

The Team

StillWaters Technologies's unique approach to software development starts with exceptional talent. Our deep bench of battle-tested leaders and developers deliver top-shelf software at a cost, quality, and speed-to-market that both shocks and delights our clients.


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